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  1. Wow!! I have found a new love!! He is gorgeous in all the photos and the last one is amazing. Thank you very much for this beautiful post. If there are any more pictures of him it would be lovely to see them, when you have the time.


  2. Are they arab kids becouse i used to visit qatar and its look like qatar :))


  3. Jeroen is his name? He sure is a little cutie. I’d sure like to see more pics of him too!


  4. A handsome boy with lots of pictures of him online. Lots of people claim to be him.


  5. Wonderful boy. His smile, his beautiful slim body, his hair—what a beauty.


  6. But there a llot of arab kids that i met espically from syria lebanon and the west bank


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    Lovely Boys: Come & see more Lovey boys at Jimmyboyworld


  8. he is a sex god!


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