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  1. He is very lovely, and the last picture shows off his beautiful body. Thank you.


  2. Where do you find these gorgeous boys?! Anton is so natural and beautiful. Thank you very much.


  3. He is adoroble <3

    Nicolas do u have mother and sisters / son- brother love effictions like cuddle , hug kissing , lips kiss daily love picture


  4. Great boy with an angelic face.


  5. Love the pic in the cute, white, swim trunks. (Very American). The beach towel is all laid out. Time for some fun in the sun!


  6. Im seeing do u have mother and there darlling sons pictures


  7. He look like french for me actully

    Though he is to cute to be anoying french


  8. He is so perfect. So cute. So pretty. I love everything about him.


  9. Agree, he is so very beautiful.


  10. Br♂th♀r S❦rr❦ws

    Hi … such comes with different features but you can see the real self in the next to last picture. This is a seduction trauma love lure towards the waterways and the woods … see the last picture. The photographer is not aware. This is an example of a Faren to lure you to the Nymphs of the outsides. Most go willingly but go mad and go crazy. I know. I am semi-mad and close to crazy as a result of familiarity with such Faren. HA HA HA Faery’s (FAREN, singular and plural) are almost irresistible.




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