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  1. Beautiful boy with a gorgeous chest.


  2. Lovely. Thank you.


  3. so lovely, i would love so much to feel his arm muscles and his amazing body :)


  4. He is so dreamy looking. I love his cute little body.


  5. Br♂th♀r S❦rr❦ws

    This is what comes out the wood work of houses to haunt and torment and taunt and seduce … you CAN NOT spray this out … you go away and it is happy with any next ones that come along … and there are you in jail or a mental ward … I am not joking. BEWARE !!! ??? They are coming to take you away HA HA … an ancient house hold SPRITE of which many a fairy tale has been told … related to the FAREN ( the usually named FAIRY’s [of the woodlands] ) … FYI … Be warned … 🍸😘♂ is one cure …


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