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  1. I think this boy is absolutely gorgeous. Thank you very ,much.

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  2. What a cute boy. He is really pretty. I love his hair. I love his smile.

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  3. LADY…..Will You..please leave me ALONE with the Boy ?…Many thanks !….TED…the farmer..


  4. That last pic seems to say “I’m r*ping the eff outta him, and he doesn’t even realize that all the glorifying stories feminist society has told him about women, has only groomed him to be my willing victim… Thank you, society, for serving everything on a silver platter for women, while making it impossible for men to compete…”

    Or is it just me, who wants that bitch dead?


    • No, Sir, you’re getting it wrong. She just wants to protect her little brother from evil male predators. I’ve never understood boy lovers’ hostility towards females. Why shouldn’t women be allowed to enjoy the presence of nature’s finest creatures? Besides, no women, no boys. Basic biology. If you prefer more “masculine” societies, why don’t you move to a jolly place like Saudi Arabia?

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      • You are very wise Nicolas I was used as a boy and would rather have men like love me and admit it and accept homosexuals than to secretly abuse and then call ‘unmasculine’ men the ‘problem’ we need equality we all need love and liking boys is good really


  5. Agreed 100% with you Nicolas we are boylovers who are not in favor of predators which usually are male a woman being friendly to a boy is fine basically a big sister as for sex , of either kind intercourse (anal)or or oral ,I believe the other guy should be around 18 maybe more anyway when we are over 16/18. But that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy love respect all boys of all ages including the young gorgeous models here on this website yes 8-12 is very cute but let’s not be like Papua new Guinea or Saudi Arabia and hate females while boys are secretly preyed on we are better than that and boys we must admit if we truly, like and have respect ,for them are better than that favorite age of boys is 12-15 and I accept everyone liking any age as long as you are on their side as long as you are against abuse of all kinds for the love we call boylove….instead


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