True friends don’t need a bunk bed

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Posted on September 30, 2015, in Photos. Bookmark the permalink. 8 Comments.

  1. Such cuties. Really like the one with the longest hair. Friends just need each other, no extra bed. Still remember how easily my and my friend used to fit in a single bed.
    Really hope that wheelchair isn’t theirs, or noting permanent at least. They are to sweet and I would feel bad if I knew one of them was stuck in that.

    At least the room looks like a boys room. Messy and lived in.


  2. These 2 look so hot together. They are both so cute. I like to think that the are special friends. Thanks for another great post.


  3. They are beautiful together. Thank you.


  4. Again LOTS of great memories of me and my friends “acting” to our parents that we were going to sleep in our own bunks but at night when the lights went off and they went to bed we would sneak into each others beds and (CENSORED)…….you get it right? Oh how i never wanted the night to end! The Parents used to wonder why we used to get up so late the next morning and why we looked soo tired!!! TOO HOT !!! to relate hear!! Trying to keep it respectful!!!


  5. Yes, it is grand to see peace and love.
    To feel it asnd to show it too.


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