My blog’s been online for three months now and it’s time to thank everyone who saved me from boredom by commenting on my posts. You (most notably Jo, florian1, paperpaul and sascha99) are the reason this blog’s still alive :-)


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  1. Your blog is awesome. You and beauty of boys keep me sane. You always seem to find really adorable looking and pretty. Thanks again


  2. Your blog is amazing, I may not get to visit and comment on it as much as I like, but when I do, I very much appreciate the very beautiful and pretty boys you post. Thanks for all you do and post. :)


  3. Another very beautiful boy! Thank you again. Your efforts really are appreciated and I am always delighted when I learn that there are new posts and comments.Your blog is an important part of my life.


  4. Thanks for such a great blog.


  5. Thanks for your efforts for keeping us supplied with all of these lovely boys. You always present us with a great selection with cute, funny, stunning, gorgeous little pieces of perfection (aka boys).
    I try to check everyday to find the ‘catch of the day’.
    We appreciate your efforts and will be anxiously awaiting your next posts.


  6. Ihre blog ist genial und so lieblich. Vielen dank


  7. Br♂th♀r S❦rr❦ws

    I never even saw you but by some link or other. I think but I am not sure. FUN SITE


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