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  1. What a cute boy I really love the last picture.


  2. Reblogged this on alex4812 and commented:
    I wonder where this is in this country where a boy at this age is free to go naked in a public place yet the adults keep dressed.


  3. Sweet.

    And that last boy has a big ball.

    @alexforboys. In europe there are some nudist communities and it might be taken on private grounds.

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  4. The last is very hot :)

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  5. I showed the picture of the boy with the ball to my kids and they cracked up. They really had a good laugh and said the picture is, “too cute!”

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  6. Let me say i agree the last pic is a beautiful nude boy wow just like the classic nude sculptures the Thorvaldsen of “David.” a similar age simarly beautiful young adonis of a boy….but i also want to throw my arms around the boy in the middle and smile with him he too is so beautiful! And the first a little younger but still beautiful as is the last pic love u boyssss Nerry holidays

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  7. I agree he has the stature of a David. What a stunner. I would like to meet him at a nudist club in Britain and play ball with him. Beautiful lad.

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  8. I know what I would like to do with him !!!

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  9. I would like too also.


  10. OH YES More please !!!!! xxx


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