The obligatory Merry Christmas post…

agwp0928 agwp0929 agwp0927 agwp0926 agwp0925

Posted on December 19, 2015, in Photos. Bookmark the permalink. 9 Comments.

  1. O M.G. YOUR hottest post ever. This boy Is so adorable. So pretty. So sexy. So cute. Your always amaze me with your posts. Thank you.


  2. Sweet boy. If he would come along I’d put up a tree for him to decorate.


  3. Sexy boy, would love to see his tasty c–k. Mmmmm…


  4. great post. keep up the good work and a merry xmas to you Nikolas :)


  5. Br♂th♀r S❦rr❦ws

    ANOTHER RUN AWAY ELF from the work shop … SANTA is complaining. Are you luring some of them away ? Santa’s cops are going to get him back ( NPSSP&RG ) and you will get not anything for XMAS anymore evermore. Santa is red as his anger is increasing … he has battle with humbugs. ( We did too but we won and we celebrate today with our selves as neighbors with our victory over them 🍸😘♂ 🍸♂ 🍸😍 )


  6. Surely he should be beneath the tree as a Christmas gift from Santa but nobody had wrapped up the present, nevermind he is cheeky enough by the end.


  7. Wow. Very hott. Wish was in that room


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