Kian and his friend

agwp0974 agwp0975 agwp0973 agwp0971 agwp0972 agwp0967 agwp0968

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  1. Such sweet cuties.


  2. These 2 boys are so beautiful. So very cute. They look so cute together. Wow.


  3. Yes I agree the photos are great. Many years ago I had access to a photo lab and took many 100s of photos of boys in all kinds of activities all in black and white. I always gave the
    to the kids to take home for there parent’s to enjoy. What I always looked for was there sparkling eyes which showed how much they were enjoying what they were doing.
    Another thing I liked to see was there teath as part of there great smile.


    • I hate to be the grammar police but three times in this post you used THERE to mean THEIR. I know people think this isn’t a big deal but it is. Its something that every 3rd grader knows. When you confuse it people will judge you for it. It might not be fair but they will make assumptions about your intelligence and it could even cost you a job.

      THERE = The opposite of here.
      “Where is the boy? He’s over THERE.”

      THEIR = Shows possession. Something that belongs to them.
      “The boys wore THEIR speedos in the pool”

      THEY’RE = A contraction of THEY ARE.
      “THEY’RE the cutest boys in the entire school!”


  4. OMFG !! Now we are talking !!!!


  5. I love the fourth picture especially where you can see his beautiful face and his beautiful chest so nicely. Thanks. He looks great in all the pictures. So beautiful.


  6. I love all your pics last one is special but all are well taken
    Thanks alot


  7. WOW, these boys are stunning… And that last pic.. WOW.. :)


  8. Two very cute boys!!

    And that last pic is like a small glimpse of paradise (or a “pair” of something…lol ;) )!! Like a parting gift from that boy! :)


  9. yes they are very beautiful boys, and I especially like the last picture with his shorts showing some nice skin as he has his legs apart. I would definitely like to join them on the bed!!


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